The BP series pure sine wave inverter is one of our earliest and most popular inverter. So far, we have made some technical updates to it, and in 2019 we have officially launched an upgraded BPlus series pure sine wave inverter for the BP series pure sine wave inverter. The BPlus series pure sine wave inverter  is not just a simple upgrade, it is a real technological innovation. I will list some data to compare to show how innovative it is. Taking BP series pure sine wave inverter 1000W and BPlus series pure sine wave inverter 1000W as examples.

ModelBP Series 1000wBPlus Series 1000W
    Continous Power1000W1000W
    Peak Power2000W3000W
    Anti-Reverse ProtectionFuse (Fuse mechanism)Relay (Reverse not working)
    DC ConnectionSparkWithout Spark
    USB Output5V/500MA5V/2.1A
    CommunicationNonRS485 (Standard Modbus)
    DisplayNon or Vol&Current MeterModbus LCD Display More than 30M
    AC Output DiscoverNonBefore output have discover
    CPUMicro ContrlTI-TMS320F28023 DSP Chip
    AC Output RegulationTHD<3%THD<2%
    Temp Protection75 Celsius90 Celsius
    Fan ControlOver to 50 CelsiusOver to 50 Celsius or 75% load
    FrequencyLockingAdjust from display
    Thermal designDC input Mosfet have 1 heatsink, AC output have 1 heatsink, whenthe 12VDC, Input heatsink veryhot. When full power outputheatsink is very hot. But manyinverter only 1 line to control.DC input and AC output share the big heatsink.
    Structural designSlot design, Anti-shock and anti-fall weak, especially for car.Screw fixation, it’s good for Groundand firm, It’s good for car.
Last modified: December 23, 2021



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