Today we show the HeliosII-485MCP off grid solar inverter battery charge strategy.

We know many inverters are flaunted to support all types of battery, such as: AGM, GEL, LifePO4 etc. But for battery charge strategy, It is not clearly defined. Over/low voltage value, what time from float charge (FC) to constant current (CC), when constant current (CC) to constant voltage (CV), this is very important for battery life, directly impact the solar system running.

Mr. Rico has been to battery factory to talk with battery engineer, they did an in-depth investigation, then had HeliosII for battery type definition, for example :  Lifepo4 battery has 15th series and 16th series, said the battery voltage is all 48VDC, but it is different for battery charge strategy.

LifePO4 15S: Low voltage is 42V

LifePO4 16S: Low voltage is 44.8V

LinMnO2 13S: Low voltage is 41V

AGM/GEL: Low voltage is 40V

Also HeliosII suppouts BMS system by Modbus or CAN.

Different battery types CC/CV/FC are all different. If you need to get best battery performance, I think you need professional inverter manufacturer, maybe CNBOU is your best partner.

Last modified: December 22, 2021



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