This is the BP series 2000W inverter that we have produced in 2015. The customer has used it on the sightseeing electric vehicle. It has been 7 years and the function are intact. Recently customers contacted us, they are going to add a solar panel to the electric car, and replace the inverter with a higher power, and they still choose our CNBOU products.

BP series 2000W inverter generator is a high-efficiency DC to AC pure sine wave power inverter, 2000W inverter continuous power 2000 watts and surge power 4000 watts, can reliably convert battery or DC power to AC power, perfect suitable for off-grid systems, vans, cabins, motorhomes and special professional vehicles. After 10 years, we have also made a series of upgrades to the BP series. In order to ensure the quality of the products, we have adjusted the appearance, interfaces, functions and other conveniences of the products, so that customers can use the products better. This 2000W inverter can be paired with a 20-60amp MPPT solar charge controller popular in Asia for off-grid solar systems. Additionally, it has a remote port (5525) that enables remote power on and off of your 2000W power inverter.

Good products can stand the test of time. CNBOU has been pursuing new transcendence in product quality. It is our original intention to create products that satisfy customers and meet customer needs!

Last modified: June 30, 2022



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