Many customers need to start up microwave oven to heat food outside, so they will ask us how much power inverter should they buy to run 700W or 800W microwave oven. If budget is sufficient, we recommend BP or BPlus series. 2000W pure sine wave power inverter of these two series both can run 700W or 800W microwave oven steadily. However, if your budget is not enough, or you do not want to solve this problem at a great cost, you can choose our BM series. BM series modified sine wave inverter 2000W is also able to run 700W or 800W microwave oven well using 2000W power. Besides, it also has 2.1A USB charging function, which not only can supply microwave oven, light which are undemanding to the power quality, but also can charge phone and PAD. Cost-effective BM series will bring you a totally different experience.

What can I run with a modified sine wave inverter?

Modified sine wave inverters can be used in simple systems without sensitive electronics. If there isn’t an AC motor and isn’t a delicate piece of medical equipment, you may be fine. Old tube tvs, water pumps, and phone chargers usually operate ok with a modified sine wave inverter.

What Size Inverter Do I Need to Run a Microwave?

1. Find out the actual input power consumption (both continuous and peak rating) of the microwave from the inside label, user manual, or manufacturer’s website.

2. If you can’t find that, then find out the cooking power. You may estimate it using the ‘Time-to-Boil‘ test.

3. After having cooking power, estimate the power consumption.

4. Choose a sine wave inverter that fulfills both the ‘continuous watt’ rating and the ‘peak power’ rating. Preferably, go for a slightly higher-rated model to ensure smooth performance.

Last modified: December 22, 2021



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