We saw another amazing user on Youtube, he converted a 12VDC 6000W pure sine wave inverter to 24VDC, this is a crazy act, we don’t recommend any customer to do this, it’s a very professional job, of course we know he is a technical enthusiast.(this 12Vdc 6000W pure sine wave inverter made in 2016).

In the video, we see him remove the transformer and change the structure inside, from a professional point of view, if the transformer is removed, the core of the transformer “core” will be damaged, and the length of the copper skin needs to be changed, different voltage transformer has different parameters. For the inverter, the input voltage is different, the main component is the transformer. But it does not seem to be that simple, we asked our engineers, and got a definite answer:

1, The transformer is different

2. The capacitance is different

3. The mosfet is different

4. The auxiliary power supply is not the same

5. The part of the resistance is also different

We see from the video, it seems that after this change, it is possible to start the inverter, but at this time the inverter does not seem to be able to use the load. If you add the load there is a probability of damage. So, this is very professional work, components are not the same for different voltage and the testing session will be different.

We are grateful to this user for publishing such a video and admire its hands-on skills and expertise, but we still recommend that customers do not imitate it.

Last modified: December 22, 2021



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