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We are usually asked about:

1.How to choose a suitable inverter?

If running typical resistive loads such as lights and appliances, you can choose a modified wave inverter, which is an affordable option for many mobile power applications Otherwise for inductive loads and capacitive loads, for example: fans and so on, we recommend using pure sine wave inverter. Although modified sine wave initially produce a limited amount inductive loads, it can cause some detrimental effects on many electrical loads which requiring pure sine wave.

2.How do I choose the size of the inverter?

Different types of load demand for power varies. Checking the load power value is a common way to estimate power inverter size requirement.
Resistive load: you would need the inverter power the same as the load.
Capacitive load: you would need the inverter power of 2-5 times the load.
Inductive load: you would need the inverter power of 4-7 times the load.

3. How to connect battery and inverter?

We usually believe that keeping the cables between your inverter and batteries as short as possible, and the standard cable should be no less that 0.5 meter (1.6 ft).  If you want to lengthen the distance between batteries and inverter, please contact us and we will calculate the relative cable size and length for you. Due to the long distance of cable connection, the voltage of inverter will be decreased. The low voltage inverter alarm would appear, once it’s voltage is much lower than batteries voltage.

4.How to calculate the load of working hours requires configuration of the battery size?

We will usually have a formula to calculate, but it is not hundred percent accurate, because there is also the battery’s condition, the old batteries have some loss, so this is only a reference value:
Work hours = battery capacity * battery voltage *0.8/load power (H= AH*V*0.8/W)

5.How to choose a solar controller?

At present, solar controller have MPPT and PWM. According to our actual test data, conversion efficiency of the PWM controller normally less than 70%, MPPT controller conversion efficiency is about 95-97%. MPPT solar controller is expensive than PWN solar controller, but the price of solar module are more expensive. Using MPPT controller, you can reduce the solar module, save the cost of the entire system

6.How to choose a suitable MPPT solar charge controller?

CNBOU MPPT solar controller support PV input voltage 18V-150V, DC 12V 24V is automatic identification. You just need according to battery capacity to select different charging current controller.

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