BPlus-600W Pure sine wave smart Inverter
01.Protections:Low / Over Voltage,Overload,Over Temperature,Short Circuit,Input/output Oppose 02..Battery Connection Without Spark 3.USB Port Upgrade to 5V 2.1A 4.Support Standard MODBUS Communication 4.Battery Type AGM,GEL,Lithium, 5.300% peak power 6.THD<2% 7.Over temp up tp 90℃


BPlus 600W Series pure sine wave smart inverter

BPlus Series 600W Pure sine wave smart inverter,

Every details is created to give customers a better experience.BPlus-600W has all the advantages of the BP600W and features that you unexpected. BPlus series is not a simple iterative upgrade, but a different innovation experience.

With 300% peak power, it is the highest peak power of high frequency inverters on the present market, which means that the BPlus 600W pure sine wave smart inverter will have a peak power of 1800W.Look at the small body but have great energy.Regarding AC output, BPlus has an innovative function is before AC output it will check if have any output short circuit and other grid input conditions, the inverter will start output after confirmed safety.This is greatly increases the security.It is also for input/output oppose we have shown in the datasheet. The BPlus series automatically turns on the fan when the load is greater than 75%,so that the inverter starts to cool down very early, instead of the traditional 50 degree Celsius.This also increases the service life of the main components!

BPlus series  pure sine wave smart inverter is made of aluminum alloy (6063-T5) and has a surface blasted anodized.The surface of the machine is kept insulated, plastic(insulated nylon)baffle and the inlaid copper plate on the both sides maintain good connectivity. Stability, no longer like the external connection terminal is fixed on the panel and the terminal is loose.On the plastic panel at the input, we clearly mark the DC+,DC- and grounding.Although we have a strong anti-reverse function, but if can be connect correct, it will improve the efficiency.

BPlus series  pure sine wave smart inverter supports AGM/GEL and custom battery types(by remotely control the LCD screen),and the remote LCD can also set the low voltage protection value, to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.Of course, not only these, like the output frequency can also be switched between 50HZ and 60HZ. BPlus series also can be used to change some parameters through PC software, which requires professional personnel to operate, and can contact the staff if needed.

After connecting the Remote-485M,it can shows the voltage and power of battery.The most important thing is to know how much the load at present.BPlus series of smart inverters combines all-in-one technology products.

BPlus-300W BPlus-1000w 

Continuos Power600W/720VA
Peak Power1800W/2160VA
DC Voltage12V24V48V
Wave FormPure sine wave
AC Voltage115V/(±5%) or 230V (±5%)
AC Output Frequency50Hz or 60Hz ±1Hz
AC RegulationTHD<2%(Linear load)
Battery Voltage12V/24V/48V
Battery Voltage Range10.5V-15.5V/20.5V-31V/41V-62V
USB Output5V/2.1A
25% Load Efficiency919091.5
50% Load Efficiency9089.590.5
100% Load Efficiency86.589.589.5
DisplayRemote LCD display 30 Meter (Setup Parameters)
ProtectionLow/Over Voltage
Over Load
Over Temperature
Short Circuit
Input/output Oppose
Low Voltage Alarm10.5V21.5V42V
Low Voltage Shutdown10V20.5V40V
Over Voltage Shutdown15.5V31V61V
Over Load Alarm110% 8Min / 150% 4S / 200% 2S / 300% 0.1S
Over Temperature90℃
Cooling wayForced Air Cooling
Fan working1.Temperature over 50℃  2.Over 75% Rated Load
Output wayBipolar
Working Temp Range­25℃-55℃
Storage Temp Range­40℃-70℃
IP GradeIP20
StandardDirettiva 2014/35/UE,EN 60950-1,EN 60068-2-6
EMCDirettiva 2014/30/UE,EN 55022,EN 55024,EN 61000-3-2,EN 61000-3-3
SupportSupport PC Software/MODBUS