HeliosII-485MCP Off Grid Solar Inverter
5KW High frequency Pure sine wave output, include 60Amp Mppt Solar Charge Controller, 15000W peak power and high efficiency. Grid off switch to inverter or battery null switch to Grid 0MS, HeliosII also support PV start to charge the battery, if many days non-sunshine the battery null, of course support the Generator input. Standard MODBUS communication connect to BMS or other terminal display and computer. The HeliosII Suitable for AGM/Gel/OPzV/Life PO4/LiMn2O4 etc. battery, both have Grid/Solar/Light/Time/P&V priority. AC output have Hold Voltage and Hold wave function, to any load in the world.


The only thing changed is all different, HeliosII-485MCP Off Grid Solar Inverter.

In our eyes, every detail of HeliosⅡ is to improve quality, design and humane requirements, ensure that your off grid system can meet all the information you want when it is running, and it all comes from the 4.3-inch interactive LCD screen. In the screen, all the conditions of your off grid solar system can be saw quickly, including the voltage for your solar module, the inverter temperature, voltage and capacity of the battery, charging current of the MPPT(Maximum power point tracking), whether the Grid and inverter system output is normal,Day’s power generation, total power generation,PV power, load power, and the most important for inverter priority.

After entering the setting interface,  like the Napoleon found the New World,HeliosⅡ offers a lot of choices to user, including the temperature unit,AC output frequency,LCD backlight on,Grid charging disable,Alarm disable, etc. The most important is CNBOU’s original two output modes:Hold Vol and Hold Wave.The inverter has voltage regulation function, when the most of the load for resistive, the Hold Vol is your good choice;When your most of load needs high quality AC power ,the Hold Wave is your good choice.No matter what is the circumstance,Helios always keep the good output waveform.Helios supports 4 battery types,AGM/GEL/OPzV,LifePO4-15S,LifePO4-16S,LiMn2O4.In addition to our default battery full voltage and battery empty voltage value, user also can modify parameters to suit the battery pack, which means that all types of batteries can be compatible.Of course Helios-485MCP also support a variety of priority modes,Grid priority,Solar priority,Light priority,Time priority, Peak-filling mode, the flexible working model can meet all requirements for user.

Powerful features come from a super CPU.The HeliosⅡ use TI’s TMS320F28075PTPP Micro controllers DSP.It provide fast processing power for the entire off grid solar system, making it more stable in a variety of complex environments.And we believe that for users, our off grid solar system should be simpler and safer.Rather than a simple requirement to demand a high degree of specialization to set.Always stand on the users to think about problems and propose solutions.This is the professional quality of CNBOU.

In addition to the friendly human-computer interaction system,HeliosⅡ also includes a series of innovations in function;The switch between the grid and the battery realizes 0MS,there will be no any feeling even if there is a power outage.300% peak power,support firmware upgrade,support PV boot to charge the battery when low voltage.The standard MODBUS communication protocol,so that your control does not stop at the LCD screen.It also support battery BMS,which makes battery life safer and maximizes battery life.When the conditions are worst,Helios will automatically send signal to turn on the generator.Helios can help you to achieve the features you want.

HeliosII-485MCP off grid solar inverter,a new generation off grid solar inverters made by CNBOU in five years,it is worth your possession.

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Continuous power
Peak Power
15000W(105% 15Min/150% 15Sec/200% 1Sec/300% 0.1Sec)
AC Output
230V or 120V
AC Input Range
Output Frequency
DC Voltage
DC Input Range
PV Power
PV Input Voltage
MPPT Efficiency
AC Charge Current
MPPT Charge Current
MAX Charge Current
Wave Form
Pure sine wave
AC Regulation
Transfer Times
Non-load Current
Protection Function
Low/Over Voltage,Over Load,Over Temp,Short Circuit,Anti-reverse protection etc.
Support Function
BMS/Generator/MODBUS Communication
Products Size
Packing Size