​CNBOU 3rd Anniversary

April.13rd,2012,CNBOU started the running.We are started from 5 or 6 until now more than 40 people. We know nothing from the operation of the rookie was crown “Best Sniper”. The past 3years was only a comma,in the future days every CNBOU’s people believe that,as long as we are based on the advantages,innovative concept,integration of resources,makes…


We Attend 117th Canton Fair

Apr.15th to 19th, Our General Manager Rico and International Trade Department attended the 117th Canton Fair. We took solar power inverters new product — MPPT solar controllers and MPPT remote display attend in this exhibition. During the exhibition, MPPT solar controller has been recognized by many customers. Meanwhile, our company communication with some enterprises,raising regional…


Travel in 2016 – CNBOU

Monday the company went to the mountains.It was raining and cold;however, we enjoyed ourselves very much.We made new America friends,Lon and Matt.They are our America partners.They made the day very fun.We cooked beef, mutton and vegetables. The food was very delicious. People took photos, played majian and talked with each other. At the end of the party some of us went for a hike up the mountain. The activities made us closer as a company.