Home Off Grid Solar System

In 2014,RICO and Mr.Jin went to a small town in Fuzhou City,Fujian Province.Because one CNBOU’s distributor need our factory’s professional to make a solar energy solutions project together.
When we arrived this city,we saw a large village built around the mountain in this suburban district(about 500 families).When asked that why there was no energy supplied for every family in such a developed coastal city,they said it was because of the land disputes that this problem didn’t get settled thoroughly,so every family here didn’t have electricity supply.On this occasion,CNBOU’s staff set up a set of real photovoltaic system in this tense 8 hours and carried a bit of light power to these families which looked beatiful in the daytime but all dark in the night.This is CNBOU and that’s only a little what we did for society