Helios Series Solar Inverter

0 MS

Transfer Time

111 Pcs

Parallel Qty


3Pcs Connection

3 Times

Peak Power


TFT Display


◆TI-28035 DSP Control

◆Support generator input

◆3pcs connected = 380V 3-phase power

◆Maximum parallel connection is 111 pcs (All 3 Helios models can be interchanged)

◆3-phase setup can be further expanded in parallel sets

◆Support sleep mode:Load ≤ 100w transfer into sleep molde

helios solar inverter display
helios series solae inverter system
solar inverter cdr
solar inverter cdr-2
  1. USB port
  2. AC input
  3. AC output
  4. Battery port

5.Communication port
6.CAN port
7.Generator communication port
8.PV port

9. 4.3  TFT display
10.Enter to set button
11.SET button
12.ESC button

Model 242MCP 482MCP 243MCP 483MCP 485MCP
Continuos Power 2000W 3000W 5000W
Peak Power 6000W 9000W 15000W
Mode MPPT+Inverter             AC+Inverter             MPPT+AC+Inverter
AC Voltage 110V ~ 250V (Adjustable)
Battery Voltage 24V 48V 24V 48V 48V
MPPT Charge Current 40A 40A 50A 50A 60A
PV Input Power ≤1000W ≤2000W ≤1200W ≤2400W ≤2880W
PV Voltage Range 36V-150V 72V-150V 36V-150V 72V-150V 72V-150V
MPPT Efficiency ≥97%
AC Charge Current 25A 15A 25A 15A 15A
Maximun Charge Current 65A 55A 75A 65A 75A
Wave Form Pure Sine Wave
AC Regulation THD <3%
AC Frequency 50HZ / 60HZ (Adjustable )
DC Voltage Range 20-31V 40V-62V 20-31V 40V-62V 40V-62V
Inverter Efficiency ≥90%
Typical Transfer Time 0 Ms
Bypass Breaker Rationg 20A 20A 30A 30A 50A
Max Bypass Current 20A 20A 30A 30A 50A
Working Temperature Range (-25~55℃)
Storage Temperature (-30~70℃)
Protection Low / Over Voltage
Over Load
Over Temperature
Short Circuit
Input Oppose(MOS FET)
No Load Current 1.14A(54.72W) 0.57A(27.36W) 1.14A(54.72W) 0.57A(27.36W) 0.6A(28.8W)
Display 4.3″ TFT
Product SIze 48cm*37cm*11.5cm 48cmx37cmx11.5cm 53.5cm* 37cm * 11.5cm
Package Size 59.5cm*44.5cm*20.7cm 59.5cm*44.5cm*20.7cm 64.5cm*44.5cm*20.7cm
N.W/G.W(kg) 12.05KG/13.55KG 12.65KG/14.15KG 14.55KG/16.35KG


inverter can port
  1. All of CAN Port parallel connection
  2. Master “CAN R”should be short circuit.
3 phase inverter
parallel inverter

Single Phase AC Output

e.g 5000w+5000w+5000w……

Max 111 PCS Parallel

Parallel Efficiency: 92%

3Phase AC Output

e.g 5000w+5000w+5000w ≈ 14000w

3Phase Connection = 380V AC Output Voltage

3Phase Connection Efficiency: 92%

3 phase + single inverter

3Phase AC Output

e.g 5000w+5000w+5000w ≈ 14000w

3Phase Connection = 380V AC Output Voltage

3Phase Connection Efficiency: 92%

3 phase connection inverter

3Phase 380V AC Output Parallel

e.g (5000w+5000w+5000w)+(5000w+5000w+5000w)…… *92%

Efficiency: 92%

  • Single circuit board increases reliability, ease of testing and maintenance
  • CAN communication protocol makes parallel and 3-phase connection more reliable
  • Software updates via U-disk
  • Controlled via PC Software or touch screen


Helios series solar energy inverter is the newest smart solar energy inverter designed by CNBOU. The Helios, containing MPPT control and AC charger, makes your home or business solar energy system simple and easy.
So many aspects in Helios inverter are considered smart. Take the 4.3 inch screen in all series as an example. It clearly displays your solar system procedure and status, also error information and daily generating capacity will be recorded. This kind of dynamic display will be set as a new standard in inverter.
Introducing touching bottom makes bottoms life last longer and more reliable. High dexterity humanize the whole control procedure, simplified human-computer interaction.
Let alone the gorgeous appearance of Helios, its smart design will lead the whole off grid solar energy industry into a new era. OMS seamless handover give inverter high sensitive load error, caused traditional handover, a perfect solution. After adopting phase lock technology, normal solar energy system is not restrict by frame function any more. Helios has the capacity of parallel connecting 111 equipment at same time, which is more flexible when building solar system. If you wish to upgrade your solar energy system, neither eliminating old facility you have to worry about, nor parallel connect equipment in different power. CAN communication protocol in Helios can achieve all above quickly and trustworthily.
Even those function are not enough, Helios also has a surprising function that if you adopting 3PSC Helios inverter by Y connection, three-phase voltage as 380V can be achieved, which diversify a great number of your solar system.
Helios solar energy inverter is an all advanced technology complex in current market. No load current loss is only 0.16A(Helios-2422MCP). Peak power is three times rated power. Allowing PC software control and firmware upgrade. All the design are based on “better clients experience”.
Helios series products are gradually regarding as definition of off grid solar energy inverter.
Proudly present by CNBOU. CNBOU- a reliable solar energy products brand.

Helios series solar inverter information
CNBOU Helios Display set
Helios Series Hybrid Solar Inverter Parameter
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Helios Series Hybrid Solar Inverter Parameter
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Helios Series Hybrid Solar Inverter Parameter
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Helios Series Hybrid Solar Inverter Parameter
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