122th canton fair

122th Canton Fair“   Oct 15th-19th,2017

For five consecutive years,CNBOU all gone to Canton Fair to share our products and technology with our old and new customers from all over world.
In this time Canton Fair we keep our steps,we improve our production and also try to update more new production.

We also appercaite our agent,Jan from CNBOU Colombia,Zuhair from CNBOU Palestine to attend our exhibition,sharing technology things with us .


Intersolar Europe Exhibition“   May 31 – June 2, 2017

A lot of preparations were made by our team for this fair in advance. Our products, Helios Series Solar Inverter, Muse Series MPPT Solar Controller, Battery Charger Series, Pure Sine Wave Inverter, Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Charge and with Bypass were displayed this time.

It was a harvest tour. There were many feedbacks and advices from our visitors which encouraged us to improve ourself on the way to be the leader of inverters.

cnbou housewarming

Housewarming“   April 26th -May 4th .2017

Due to the development of company,we moved “NO.261, Wei17Road, Economic Development Zone, Yueqing, Zhejiang” to “Floor 6,Building B,Leshang Pioneer Park,Economic Development Zone,Yueqing,Zhejiang,China PRC,325606”

cnbou company name changed

Changing Company Name“   April 19th.2017

From Apr 19st,2017 YUEQING BOU NEW ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. have changed name to ZHEJIANG BOU NEW ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. On that occasion company .

shanghai snec

2017 Shanghai SNEC PV Power Exhibition“   April 19th-21st

CNBOU shows our 3 main production on exhibition:Helios solar inverter 2kw,3kw,5kw;MPPT 10A,20A,40A;pure sine wave inverter 300w-8000w.Our powerful and high-technology production received  consistent praise from all visitors, many  profeesional reseller and retailer company show interests in our production.。

after hongkong fair -cnbou

Hong Kong Electric Fair-CNBOU“   Apr.13-16,2017

We was so happiness attended 2017 spring Hong Kong Electric Fair, is beautiful city Hong Kong。we  brought our helios series off grid solar inverterMPPT solar charge controller and our classical product pure sine wave inverter。helios series off grid solar inverter is best product for solar system.that can make solar system very easy。do not  need solar controller & inverter。

solar middle east -cnbou

Solar Middle-East“ in Dubai   Feb.14 – 16,2017

This exhibition is a powerful and high-quality exhibition in Middle-East area,solar industry manufactures from  worldwide gathering in Dubai to attend this splendid exhibition,and CNBOU also sharing this honor.


Oct. 15 – 19, 2016

We participated 120th Canton Fair with our American agents Matt & Lon.Prefect fair and prefect colleagues.We saw many old friends also many new customers. a lot of praise for our new product Helios series solar inverter.


May 25, 2016

10th SNEC PV Power EXPO The first time we show the sample product Arce series charger inverter & new product helios series solar inverter in Shnaghai. Is very popular show of our new product.

119th canton fair

April 19, 2016

We attend the 119th Spring Canton Fair with our new product Helios series solar inverter & Arce series charger inverter with high AC charge current 24V/25A & 48V/15A.

asd market week

March 1, 2016




CNBOU America attend CES

Zhejiang Growing Minor Enterprise Invest


CNBOU is invited to attend the 3rd Zhejiang Commercial General Meeting- Zhejiang Growing Minor Enterprise Invest and Finance General Meeting. As a representative of Yueqing small and medium-sized enterprise in the year of 2015,we feel much comfort when we hear that the country and government concern us a lot.

118 fair


Oct.15th,2015—It’s an important day to CNBOU:
CNBOU attened 118th Canton Fair, and show a brand new image to clients.
CNBOU America LLC dispatch staff to attend Canton Fair for the first time, and take charge in reception of clients in American areas directly.


Apr.28th to Apr.30th,2015

CNBOU attended the world-famous PV pageant-Shanghai SNEC Solar PV Power EXPO.During this three days,
there attracted a great number of people in this line from home and abroad.This time,CNBOU won a good
acceptance and high evaluation among them again

3 years

Apr.25th .2015.

CNBOU had its three-years anniversary birthday.Because of the Canton Fair,the birthday date had to delay
from the previous April 3rd to April 25th.We invited all the staff in CNBOU and those people who gave us help,

also with those friends who saw our great growth.During that enthusiastic eve,all the staff cheered and applauded
for CNBOU and themselves.All the friends were pleased and favored for the present CNBOU


Apr.15th to Apr.19th

CNBOU attended 117th Canton Fair.From the decoration to exhibition,the partners of CNBOU international department

were all tired up.To stand persistent and have a long-time reception,they all felt tired.But when they saw large quantities
of customers,they all got excited on this.So every Canton Fair will all give CNBOU a new starting and a new progres


Mar.27th to Mar.29th,2015

CNBOU’s new businessmen attended the training course of TOPME and prepared the coming Canton Fair.

Mr.RICO,the CEO of CNBOU,also as the vice-chairman of TOPME,attended and gave a full support on this.

Meanwhile,Mr.RICO was also assigned to have a half-day training course.


New year


CNBOU2015 New Project started sailing.Every staff’s red paper and customer’s order during Spring Festival

occupy the full company.


Annual Meeting


CNBOU Annual Meeting of 2014 It was the day before Chinese Lunar New Year.On HR and administration office’s elaborate plan,we held CNBOU 2014 annual meeting of “Moving ahead together with the Dream Holder”.In the evening party,we shared not only the cate but also staff’s plentiful program.They sang and danced.It indicated again that the young were good “player”.


Oct.15th to 19th,2014

CNBOU attended 116th Canton Fair and launched our newest product,MPPT solar charge controller with proprietary property rights.Because its good appearance,our controller was surrounded and watched for a number of times during this five-days exhibition.This new MPPT solar charge controller was considered as our company’s important strategic product,also reached a good exhibiting effect as we expected on this exhibition.


Oct 10th,2014
CNBOU launched our newest products officially,Muse Series MPPT solar charge controllers.With completely property right owned and independent R&D by CNBOU,MPPT solar charge controller used a new MPPT calculation.It made the controller’s efficiency and stability get a further improve.This LCD display and touch button designed by general manager RICO CHEN also brought the popular control methods to the solar power line.For not only its good appearance,MUSE series also defined the solar charge controller renewedly.



CNBOU attended 2014 Shanghai SNEC Photovoltaic Expo.On this exhibition,CNBOU pushed out all bypass series products,from 500W to 6000W.On this exhibition,the most popular “with bypass” pure sine wave inverter focused a lot. With bypass series were widely applied in the mobile base station and solar power system,with integrative function of switching automatically and inverting.


Apr.15th to 19th,2014
CNBOU made our first appearance on 115th Canton Fair.This was a very historic moment.It indicated that CNBOU have already made preparation for international market.On this exhibition,CNBOU’s orange series were specially shined.During this five days,our booth was exceptionally busy.In this line,among all suppliers,CNBOU was one of the manufacturers with such a fullest series.This time,CNBOU pure sine wave inverter series and a part of with charge inverter,with bypass inverter series were on exhibition.



CNBOU passed ISO9000:2008 quality system certificate.CNBOU were preparing to go ahead international market.



CNBOU held 2013 Lunar Annual Meeting.This was CNBOU’s first time large-scale pageant with all staff attended.On the evening party,there were invited comic star,singer and instrument player.Besides our staff,the attendee also included a part of suppliers.With warm atmosphere and high participation,it was a significant party.It was really a comforting thing that CNBOU could have a high thoughtful unitive team in this less than 2 years after we established.




CNBOU lanuched the pure sine wave inverter with charge . it included 12 V. 24v and 48V and it suitable for 300W-6000W Model.
The upgrade expanded the product line of CNBOU again, and it expanded from the normal sine wave inverter pure to another area. And it also launched charger Battery.

cnbou brand


The State Trademark Office notes. ueqing BOU New Enegry Technologoy CO,.LTD has it’s own CNBOU Brand.

2012 shanghai

May.20th to 22nd.2013

It was the first time for CNBOU to participate in the SNEC Shanghai solar exhibition. And it was the first factory to participate in the solar exhibition. And it was favored by customers by a unique product color and the wide range of products .This is also the first time for CNBOU to participate in the international large-scale exhibition. The people are very happy for this .



The science and Technology Incubation Park noticed. The Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and the The older generation of science and technology leaders in our city will guidance our company. Our engineer and our boss is very busy, even if it is only 1 hour. All the scientist workers of the city are very interested in our products .and one of the directors even left his connection infomations .and asked us to construction a solay system in his house when we have time .


tv show

Mar.2nd.2013 .

Yueqing TV station visited our company and it was showed on TV. As the a young scitific and technological in the city. And in the special attention of the city leaders , witnessed the rapid growth of CNBOU.



CNBOU perfect all the products of pure sine wave inverter . And it also can produce 8000W inverters . It is the largest power products in the same kind of products . As far . CNBOU owned 300W to 8000W inverters . It is a milestone of great significance.

inverter certificate rohs

Oct. 21th.2012.

CNBOU accessed to ROHS certification and it was reay for entering the European Market.

inverter certificate ce


All the products CNBOU access the CE certification

3 years (2)


CNBOU was established of 4 individual team . Responsible for R & D, procurement and testing respectively . CNBOU will become the influential company in the Solar energy industry. our team is very young and passionate