Helios series V2.08

Added the( flt_note.AC_GET)、(flt_note.AC_LOST)、(flt_note.PN_LOST) three variables Obtained by grid call point,bus voltage drop point,grid voltage drops divided 220,multiplied rated voltage. Used to via the rated value adapt to local grid switching condition automatically. Bus regulator 299,302 auto adapt bus regulator value change to fixed value (V_REG.H LINE201) added variable TIMEI.PN110DL,for the when 110V modulation is MAX,increase…


Helios series V2.02

  • Within Structures nbq:overload(ol) value changed to power(Pw),Over current changed to permillage(OCP),Current limiting change to permillage current limiting(C_MAXp))
  • Structures FLT_NOTE Add variable overload value(ocl)
  • Call parameters initialization sequence
  • Increase the MPPT voltage exceeds 0.95 current limit will decrease after full value relations

Helios series V1.02

1.MPPT scan to low speed, added increase,decrease times judgement functi MPPT disturbance +-5. Deleted the parameter change validation Added the key parameter to set the device stop If the current <0.5A, MPPT scan failed Former working condition increased a condition that non stop working to apply Master load % data change of PWM modulation Slave…